I still remember it like if was yesterday; I was so scared and excited to finally make the decision to live out my dream of being a full time artist. I started a room concept where I'd design a character for the room and from that I would make comforters, pillows, headboards and paintings. My seamstress was located in Homestead while I lived in North Miami Beach. I had to go and spend the day with them while launching my first bedroom set. It took them almost two weeks to finish the sets and everything came out amazing! I recall crying when I first set up my products in living room in my 600sqf apartment. A very good friend of mine who is a great photographer used his equipment to set up a studio in the little space I had after setting up a mock bedroom in my tiny apartment. The space was so confined that he had to get out onto the balcony to get a decent shot; everything was cramped with my living room furniture and his photography equipment. Despite the small space the shoot came out stunning and I finally had a concept to show; that was really how everything started. From then on I started promoting my new business and asking  all my friends who might have any contacts at TV stations, newspapers and so on for any opportunities. I sent thousands of press releases to anyone who could help showcase my concept. So for me having my first interview being a full page in the most important newspaper in Miami was so jaw-dropping, it really was a message from God that I was doing exactly what I meant to be doing.  These are just a few of the coverages I've had since the Miami Herald article...enjoy!