About Isa

Isa and James :-) Photo by Eugenio Wilman

Isa and James :-) Photo by Eugenio Wilman


"I came to the United States with a dream, $1,400 and enough passion and work ethic to make the impossible possible" - Isa Zapata

I was born in Colombia and moved to the United States in 2002. Despite my background in marketing and my corporate career, I have always had a desire to pursue my long-time dream of becoming an artist and an illustrator. Therefore, I decided to leave my comfort zone and venture into the unknown. I became a freelance artist.

My illustrations have appeared in more than twenty kids’ magazines and two children’s books; ‘Today I’m Happy” which was published in Canada and “Aprendiendo Con Mimo” which was published by McGraw Hill publishers and was released in 2013.

My art collections “All you need is love”, “Windows To Happiness”, “Goddesses” and “The Girls” received positive reviews and now hang in their loving homes around the globe. 
In 2012 I created a brand called “Trukas1111”. It was the first time I traveled back home after not seeing my family for over 11 years that inspired me and filled me with so much happiness that I had to create something to reflect how blessed I felt. My idea is based on the concept that colorful and whimsical characters that live in other dimensions come to earth to inspire people and teach us the true road to happiness. Trukas1111 characters are distributed by Franda Holdings and currently sold in prints, journals and mugs in different stores across Miami, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

I am also a dog lover. My passion for giving voice to the voiceless led me to create “Dogs are Family Campaign.” Being a doggie mom myself, I saw this as an avenue to portray the loving relationship between doggie parents and their furry kids. Like I've said “the intention of this campaign is to raise awareness that dogs are family and they deserve respect, endless amounts of love, and commitment.”
Having seen a need for dog parents to share their experiences and help each other through various situations, I founded “The Doggie Parents Club” a community for doggie parents where they can share suggestions, ideas, ask questions, plan play dates and more. 

Last year my good friend, writer and producer, Oscar Torres and I founded a non-profit organization, “A Better World Foundation” which is focused on helping underprivileged kids. The mission of the organization is to connect our network of professionals to help transform the quality of life for underprivileged children, by providing accessibility to life enabling resources such as medical treatment and educational services.

Since I started my life as a full-time artist and illustrator, my artwork has grown and has caught the attention of more than 50 media outlets including CNN, NBC6, Brickell Magazine, Univision, Miami Herald, The Huffington Post, amongst many others.

I took a chance to follow my dreams and even though it has not been an easy road, I am now doing what I love at my Miami studio: creating worlds, characters and words to inspire others. Thanks to different licenses and collaborations, my art can be found in various mediums such as leather bags, home goods, bedding, shoes, and more in different parts of the world.